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*By paying the deposit, you are hereby agreeing to our terms of service and therefore agree to abide by our rules and regulations as follows.*


- You must be of 18 years of age to commission. You will be required to provide proof at time of commission. I do not work through a 3rd party (such as one's parents) for a commission.

- You must provide a (SFW) reference sheet that communicates all of the colors and markings required for your commission.

- Character must belong to you. 


Payment plans are accepted; however I only start work on projects that are fully paid. If you are interested in a payment plan I require a 30% non-refundable deposit of the commission price up front to purchase materials. Please note that preference will be given to those who can pay off in the shortest amount of time. Please keep that in mind when sending in the commission form.

When I accept projects a schedule will be arranged and a waitlist created. The first few projects I will ask for payment up front. However, the rest will go on a waitlist and payment will not be requested until it is time to start the next batch of projects. If you do not have funds by the time I am ready to start on your project, you will be removed from the queue and may be unable to commission us in the future. 


Shipping is not included in the price of the commission.

I accept payments via Square.



Returns are not accepted and the initial 30% deposit is non-refundable as that is used for materials. Refunds will be determined on case by case basis and how far along I am in the commission. I retain the right to cancel a client's commission at any time and to my discretion. In the event that I cancel a commission the client will be issued a full refund.



Shipping costs are not included in the quoted price of the costume. Within the US expect shipping to be anywhere from $50 to $150 (for full costumes). 


I do ship outside of the US. However, you the client will be responsible for any customs fees/duties your product incurs once it enters your country. I will not falsely claim the package is a “gift” nor will undermine the value of the package. So please do not ask. Not only is it illegal, but also, if anything were to happen to your package it would only be covered up to the value written on the package, if at all. Please take note of what the incurring taxes/fees would be on your commission before committing.

All commissions will be shipped fully insured via USPS or FedEx.

Anything over $500 will require a signature at delivery.



Once the application has been approved and the client accepts the quote and terms, a schedule will be created that lays out when I will start on each project. Payment will be requested for the first 2-3 projects scheduled. The rest will go on a waitlist. I will be working on projects in batches. You may notice that I tend to work on one project at a time, but during certain parts of the process I may work on 2-3 at once. Once a batch is complete or nearly complete, I will request payment from the next scheduled batch. Our queue is public and can be viewed here. 

When it is your turn in the queue I will be sending photos of the process to have you approve various steps before moving forward. These steps include, but are not limited to:

Picking out furs/fabrics

Foam carving



Creation of eyes


Finished images

Character changes can be discussed on a case by case basis. If materials were already purchased but building has not gotten beyond the foam carving process there may be an additional fee to cover the extra costs of implementing the changes into your costume. If the change is mentioned too late in the process, (example after I have already glued fur onto the face) I may not be able to make the change without a significant fee to cover the time lost. 


Please note: There are limitations in the colors of regularly available faux furs that I use for my costumes. If your character has colors that are not commonly found in fur I may have to use a similar but different shade for your character. Any furs I use will be approved by the client before I start the project. If you have furs that were purchased to match existing suit parts/or are rare and wish to use those for your commission I can make the arrangement to get them to me. However the client is responsible for any shipping costs to send those furs to me to be used on your project.


Completion Times:

The amount of time it takes for your commission to be completed depends on where you line up in the queue, and how complex the project is. Our general time frame is 1-3 months from the time I start on your project to the time of completion.  

I do not accept con deadlines. 


I have pets, including but not limiting to dogs, rabbits, birds, goats and horses; obviously not all of these live in our home. However I am in contact with them on a day to day basis so hair/dander is likely on our person or in our house at any given time. If you have allergies to animals, I will have to politely decline your commission as I have no way to 100% guarantee that animal dander will not somehow find its way to your commission.


I will discuss with you regarding your project via email. If you have any questions you may email me at any time. I will make every attempt to respond to inquiries within 3 days, usually sooner. I will be keeping you updated regularly once I start your project. However, if I am not to your batch and have not yet started your project, there may be a pause in communication until it is your turn.

If you (the client) fail to respond to communications that request approval within 7 days you then forfeit your rights to approve or request edits of that stage of your project. I will continue working on your project at my discretion.

If you do not respond to emails or any effort to reach out to you after 30 days prior to or after payment is received the project will be considered “abandoned” and cancelled without refund. The only exception to this is if you have informed me that you will be away and unable to communicate. In the event of an abandoned project, I reserve the right to edit and sell the project at my discretion.


If you have any questions feel free to shoot us an email at

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